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Nahui Ollin Healthy Communities

Nahui Ollin Healthy Communities/Climate Justice focuses on low income communities of color and emphasizes the importance of keeping a balance between nature and human-centered activities. Workshops are provided for parents with children attending elementary schools. Nahui Ollin is a Nahuatl word representing the four elements and their movement; water, air, sun and earth. Indigenous cultures teach us to view the Earth and her resources  as living entities to be honored. The Nahui Ollin Healthy Communities/Climate Justice addresses the environmental racism and inequities that threaten human health and our natural resources.

Texas is at a crossroads, at a point where we must act to restore our part of the world’s environmental harmony and save Mother Earth for all peoples and cultures. Workshops to parents provide information to help build capacity skills for increase participation in decision and policy-making processes to address environmental quality and health issues such as asthma and other respiratory conditions.  Parents and youth learn how to make their own affordable household cleaners, how to make their own soaps, how to conserve energy in their home, how to best conserve water, exercises to address asthma and other respiratory illnesses, how to best avoid and treat heat exhaustion, protect themselves and their children against harmful ultra violent rays, and participate in a nature tour of the Roy Guerrero Colorado River Park. The ultimate goal is to link local health, climate change, and climate justice to national and world concerns on health and climate change.

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