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Latest News

Urgent: Sign our petition at to bring a necessary traffic light. With over 1,000 apartment developments at the intersection of Vargas Rd., a main feeder into the Montopolis Community, and Riverside Dr. traffic has increased dramatically yet there is no traffic signal there. As a result, several accidents and near-misses have occurred at this intersection. 

Urgent:  Help fight gentrification in Montopolis, oppose rezoning by signing a petition and joining us at the Planning Commission on March 26th at 6pm. This is part of ongoing efforts to replace single-family housing on the East side to luxury condos and development, thus leading to the displacement of low-income Black and Brown communities. 

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Anyone can sign the petition, please email back to and we will drop it off at city council! 


“Today we are faced with a common issue of survival and a crisis of life for this living planet Mother Earth. Any threat to the environment endangers all of us.”

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